About Us

Meet the Owners

Courtney and Emmy are two moms whohave a love and passion for kids clothing and being a part of the creative process. Courtney has 5 kids, Emmy has 2, so while we are busier than we ever have been, we felt so called to take on this challenge! We can’t wait to see how we can expand this company, all while remembering where it all began.


About Deer Grace

Deer Grace designs comfortable and stylish children’s footwear. We are committed to delivering unique, beautiful styles that are as timeless as the vintage classics that inspired them. Made with premium leather, our shoes have an heirloom quality that also embraces the innovation of modern design.  Our products are sophisticated, yet trendy. Simple, yet stylish. Vintage, yet modern. With a focus on the customer, Deer Grace offers versatile styles and colors that look perfect in every kid’s wardrobe.


Our Inspiration

There is a reason some styles withstand the test of time. Mary Janes and T-Bars, the most popular shoes of the roaring twenties, are still an iconic symbol of girlhood and perfect for active little feet. Oxfords are as versatile and practical today as they were at the turn of the 20th century, for boys and girls alike. At Deer Grace, we strive to bring the iconic styles of the past to the modern child. The result are wardrobe staples that are special, unique, and timeless.

Our Beginnings

Deer Grace started when Grace Watson, a young mum from New Zealand, used her passion for design to start a line of shoes for her new baby girl. The name Deer Grace was a reference to her memories of growing up on a deer farm. Since those early beginnings, Deer Grace has given new life to countless timeless designs.